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Kick-off18 02 2018, 12:30   +2 GMT
Football Game

Torino - Juventus

LeagueItaly , Serie A
Tip Juventus -0.75
Price: 89 $
VerdictWIN 1/2

Kick-off18 02 2018, 15:15   +2 GMT
Football Game

Hamilton - Rangers

LeagueScotland , Premiership
Tip Over 2.75
Price: 89 $

Kick-off18 02 2018, 16:30   +2 GMT
Football Game

Levski - Botev Plovdiv

LeagueBulgaria , Parva Liga
Tip Under 2.5
Price: 89 $

Football predictions

More factors for good football predictions

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6. Team's schedule
The schedule is also related to your punter. If the team played touch games in the past days, the players may be tired. The next opponent and the importance of the game should also be acknowledged.

7. Focus on a particular team or championship
Hundreds of soccer matches are played every day and it's normal to not be familiar with all of them. Most probably you are fond of a particular team or championship and have more information about them. You are advised to stick to bets on teams you know to maximize your profits.

8. Frequency of Bets
You better place a few bets that bring profits instead of laying wagers that lose money. Don't invest your money if you aren't confident in your knowledge and chances to win.

9. LIVE In-Play
This bets are made while you are watching a live game on the stadium or on TV. Such wagers may bring you better profits because you have the opportunity to see the current performance and form of the football squad.

10. Various kinds of football picks
There is a great variety of soccer bets but the most preferred include Total Goals Over/Under, Asian Handicap and Fixed Odds. Ensure you are aware of all their benefits and disadvantages of all of them.

11. Responsibility
Always stay in your comfort zone and invest amounts of money than won't disturb your finances in case of a loss. Stay away from debts and trouble.